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Team Tuning

A practical and innovative way to improve our team management skills.


Effectively leading teams by managing our scarcest resource: time.

Team Tuning is a gamification inspired on the “Lead inside the box” Human Resource Management best-seller by Victor Prince and Mike Figliuolo.

In Team Tuning we make decisions regarding the actions to be taken to lead different members of our team and accomplish group objectives. Relying on the most advanced technology, it is an outstanding solution for teachers and students wishing to learn more about key aspects of personnel management in an interactive and visual way.

Team Tuning is available in English and Spanish, does not require downloading or software installations, and may be used either individually, or in online group or on-site sessions.

Subject matter

The challenge of getting the most out of your team and yourself.

Members of a workgroup may demand a significant amount of time and attention from their leader. Or, conversely, they may go unnoticed, to the point of preferring to be ignored in certain cases so as to avoid extra workloads. On the other hand, in the team there will be high-performers, and others whose contribution to the team is not as remarkable. A great variety of professional profiles can emerge by combining these two variables, each requiring a different approach.

As a team leader, in Team Tuning you will need to categorize the behavioral characteristics of members of the team and tailor your leadership style and actions to each specific case, with the goal of attaining the highest individual contribution from each member of the team, and improving their professional profiles.

Your team’s results, which are the sum of the individual contributions of your members, will be the measure of your success as a leader.

Users can visually and interactively review all metrics for their results at all times.

The rules of the game, which are fully interactive, are contained within the simulator itself and allow the goals and mechanics of the game to be understood in just a few minutes. A vast amount of online help is also available throughout the simulation.

Administration module for educators

Allows for the adjustment of the level of difficulty and logs individual player results.

Team Tuning has an administration module that is especially designed to offer specific value-added functionality for trainers. Specifically, administrators may modify the simulator’s control variables that affect the behavior of the game for their user group:

  • The “virtual” duration of the game.
  • Hide individual team member performance comparison graphs.

It is recommended to keep performance graphs hidden in Team Tuning at first, and then perform other playthroughs with the graphs activated so as to learn how to diagnose each profile type.

Students can compete with each other to be the best, since at the end of the process a scatter plot shows individual results compared to the rest of the group, as well as the level of success in managing each member of the team.

Educators also have access to the final playthrough results for each student in their group or instance, which means that Team Tuning may be used as an online evaluation tool, or for grading. Users or students themselves can also store their own results.

Learning subjects

  • The leadership matrix
  • Team management
  • Group objectives
  • Professional profile evaluation
  • Performance and oversight needs
  • Time management
  • Manager’s recommended actions for each profile

Teaching note available

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