Fitness club operator

We built the club database for one of the most important fitness club operators in the European market. With over 10,000 customers distributed across their 80 facilities, they provide their web-based services and many of their technological services based on this back end, which facilitates the identification, classification and integration of their digital content, as well as the integration with the corporate CMS and ERP of the clubs.

One example of the technological services offered by this back end is the occupancy tracker for customers, where a mobile app can be used to check the occupancy of any club in real-time. The system can apply occupancy restrictions individually per club if necessary.

Developed in Python on the Django framework, with a PostgreSQL database and a front end based on HTML, CSS and Javascript, it is a high-performance, scalable and safe management platform that significantly simplifies our client’s management tasks.

Operador Sector Fitness